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Thanks for visiting Flight of the Curious, a site dedicated to the serial adventures of a trio of travellers among the stars.

Flight of the Curious is fan fiction based on the classic role-playing game Traveller, currently under copyright by Far Future Enterprises and the game’s creator, Marc Miller. The setting is the Spinward Marches, a frontier area of the Third Imperium bordering the Zhodani Consulate, among other, smaller empires. The adventures take place just after the conclusion of the Fifth Frontier War between the Imperium and the Consulate.

It’s my intention to remain as faithful to the canon of the setting, while being as creative as possible where that information is sketchy. It’s also my intention to write a series of stories that can be enjoyed by any fan of science fiction, whether familiar with the Traveller setting or not.

The end goal is to entertain; bringing new enthusiasts to the game is a bonus.



Extolay/Lanth (Spinward Marches 1711)

Hex  Name    UWP       Remarks PBG W  A    Stellar  
---- ------- --------- ------- --- -- ---- --------------  
1711 Extolay B55589A-A Pa Ph   110 8  ImDd M2 V M4 V  


Extolay is the name of the world, and it lies within the Lanth subsector of the Spinward Marches sector.

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Episode 2: Outbound

“Where’s Hollis?” Laz poked his head through the open iris valve into the ship’s locker, where Ticia was taking inventory.

“I looked it up. It’s in Foreven sector, about twenty-six parsecs spinward and rimward of Regina.” She finished securing the last of four vacc suits into position, then added, “That’s in a straight line. It’s going to take months to get there in this ship.”

The Type S Scout was capable of making jumps of up to two parsecs at a time, and each jump took about one standard week, during which the Curious would be in the featureless void of jumpspace. If they didn’t know each other now, they certainly would before they arrived at their destination. “Foreven, huh? I’ve never been beyond the Imperium before.”

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A Little History

I first stumbled across Traveller in the late 70s, way back when it was new. Some other role-playing game—a thing called Dungeons & Dragons—had just a few years earlier created a whole new sensation, pulling geeky people with overactive imaginations like myself into a world of what was essentially ad lib acting with dice. When Traveller came on the scene in 1977, I was ready to branch off from swords and sorcery fantasy and try something new.

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Episode 1: Curious Endeavor

Krinka’s was one of the few quiet places in Credo Down, Regina’s primary planet-side starport. Frequented by Naval officers looking for some off-base dining and corporate sales reps wining and dining prospective big-ticket clients, it offered native cuisine in a more refined atmosphere than your typical startown dive. Ticia had dined here once before with a couple of other shiny new Ensigns fresh out of Officer Candidate School; it was a peaceful start to an otherwise bawdy romp in celebration of their graduation. Having spent most of her career as a non-com, she preferred louder venues.

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Common name for a species of mammal (rodent) occurring on many worlds throughout the Imperium. Considered a pest, rats can be categorized as either omnivores or scavengers, depending on their environment, and can range in size from 0.1 kg upward; specimens have been observed weighing in above the 6 kg mark in areas where conditions are favorable to the creature’s survival.
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